“The doctors of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition”.

– Thomas Edison

Rain Soul
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Our standard of living, poor diet, exposure to increased environmental pollution and chemicals, and lack of exercise have contributed to the fact that we now have an increasing variety of diseases that we have not encountered before. Our bodies are exposed daily to the accumulation of free radicals, toxic substances and the emergence and initiation of various pathological processes that can lead to serious consequences over time.

For these reasons, Soul was born, a product that represents a strong infusion of nourishing seeds that are also medicinal, so it can be said that they also have a therapeutic effect.

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Soul contains a combination of black cumin seeds, black raspberries, Chardonnay grape seeds and D-ribose. Soul is also a dietary supplement that can be used as a dietary supplement because it is rich in essential fatty acids and nutrients. Seoul’s blend of Chardonnay grape seeds, blackcurrant, black cumin and D-ribose produces a synergistic effect and increases the benefits of each ingredient.

Black Cumin

Many studies that have dealt with black cumin have proven that the ingredients of its seeds help overcome health problems. Black cumin seeds contain more than 100 chemical compounds. In addition to crystalline nigelon, which is considered to be the primary active ingredient, black cumin seeds contain thymoquinone, beta sitosterol, myristic acid, palmitic acid, palmitoleic acid, stearic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, linoleic acid, arachidonic acid B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, folic acid, calcium, iron, copper, zinc and phosphorus.

Black raspberry seed contains the phytonutrients ellagitannin and anthocyanin, powerful antioxidants that improve many bodily functions and overall health. Raspberries are one of the 10 most powerful antioxidants in the fruit and vegetable category. Antioxidants find and remove free radicals that damage cells. Free radicals can be found naturally in the body or formed under the influence of exposure to environmental pollutants. Although ellagitannins are found in most berries, raspberries contain the highest levels of these phytonutrients. Black raspberry seed is a rich source of polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids. Studies have shown that black raspberry seed oil improves bodily functions.

Chardonnay grape seeds contain higher amounts of polyphenols such as resveratrol and unique oligomeric proanthocyanidin (OPC) complexes. The strongest form is found in grape seeds as it contains 95% OPC, which is more than any other antioxidant extract. Proanthocyanidins have been shown to improve brain health and cognitive functions because they neutralize free radicals and protect collagen. Proanthocyanidins have been shown to be effective in neutralizing the most harmful hydroxyl radicals as well as lipid peroxides. Proanthocyanidins have been shown to markedly slow lipid peroxidation and effectively chelate iron ions. Chardonnay grape seeds have a strong anti-inflammatory effect, contribute to optimal body weight and strengthen the skin.

D-ribose is a pentagonal sugar found in every cell of the human body, which along with oxygen and adenosine triphosphate gives energy to the cells. Ribose is also found in ribonucleic acid, which is one of the main transmitters of information in living organisms. Oxidative stress is measured by the level of damage caused by free radicals to cells. Fortunately, our body copes with this problem on a daily basis. However, if free radicals in the body increase above average due to exercise, daily stress, excessive smoking, excessive saturated fat intake, weakened immune system, aging and more, the body becomes exhausted and less efficient in producing D-ribose which provides energy to cells. In order to rebuild the cellular energy system, D-ribose needs to be replaced.

How does the Soul help us and our bodies?

  • Anti-inflammatory – reduces inflammation
  • Antioxidant – prevents the development of oxidative stress by neutralizing free radicals in cells
  • Anti-cancer – prevents mutational changes in cells, reduces the risk of pathological processes and DNA damage
  • It slows down the aging process of cells
  • Stimulates the clarity and concentration of the mind
  • Supports the functioning of the immune system
  • It increases the body’s energy and quality of life
  • It protects the cardiovascular system through omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids
  • Increases endurance and reduces muscle pain after exercise
  • Accelerates the body’s regenerative processes
  • Strengthens the skin


SOUL IS obtained by a cold pressing process that separates seed fibers from lipids and complexes of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, phospholipids, molten minerals, and phytosteroids.
Even seed fibers contain water-soluble antioxidant compounds.
When natural compounds obtained from seeds are processed by cold pressing, a strong concentration of natural ingredients full of energy is created.
Such ingredients help those who use Seoul feel stronger and healthier aware that they are getting the purest energy.
Unlike aggressive chemicals or high temperatures, cold pressing does not damage the nutrients in the seeds.
Buy now Soul, Core, Soul red, Bend